What is vaporizing?

Vaporizing is slang for vaporizing essential oil to inhale. For example the oil from the glands of a female cannabis plant but also nicotine and essential oil from other plant material.
The vaporizing method is not new. As a matter of fact smoking a cigarette or joint works on the same principle. The glowing point produces heat that will vaporize the oil, the air stream fortifies the process. The main disadvantage of smoking is that, through combustion (burning it) also
toxic fumes, carbon monoxide , nicotine and tar are inhaled. With the known consequences. The vaporizing system does not have these disadvantages.


What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is different from other smoking devices. Your herb is gently heated to the pointwhere active ingredients are vaporized and released but never reaches combustion
temperature. needed is a thermic source, an instrument which produces a temperature of 180 to 300 oC. This set will heat the oil, vaporize it and cool, filter and store the vapor.


How does a vaporizer function?

Like told before, the vaporizing method in not new. Special about this vaporising is that the cannabis is not burnt, but heated between 180 and 300 oC. Cannabis is put in a tubular holder with a suspended steel screen in it. Then a heated air stream is forced over the cannabis into the resevoir. The cannabis will not get burnt, but the glands will burst and the oil will vaporize (from liquid to vapor).

How does it work?

Animation of the THC-oxidation process

The result is a smokeless vapor, which can be very aromatic. During the process oxidation take place; the vapor cools down in the bottle and can be inhaled without any problem.
The flavour of the cannabis will be explicit and is very tasteful and mild. Two or three puffs will be enough. The longer you hold it in after inhaling, the ‘higher’ you’ll get. The cannabis left in the end will be still green, but has no potential anymore.
I like to emphasis that finding the best dosage is very important. Know what you are doing. Nobody ever died of cannabis, but it’s good to be careful with (soft) drugs. In case you had to much: Relax, don’t panic, drink some water with sugar (dextrose), get fresh air – don’t lie down but sit, if you need to. Eating also counters the effect of cannabis.